Nick Renaud-Komiya is a London-based freelance journalist, writer and editor. While he has written extensively on healthcare issues, financial markets and public policy in the UK, Nick has also covered new technology and start-ups, as well as general news.

Nick’s work has been published in national newspapers, magazines, specialist business-to-business media, the regional press, and across all platforms – print, online, social media and blogs (See right).

Nick has an intimate knowledge of the machinery of government and the UK political process, alongside an extensive contacts book.

Over the last five years Nick has worked as a reporter covering complex areas within UK health policy and the European financial markets, in addition to stints covering general news in the national press.

Between 2013 and 2016, Nick was a reporter at Health Service Journal, the widely respected specialist publication covering NHS in England for an audience of policy makers and senior healthcare managers. During his three years at HSJ, he worked his way up to become a senior reporter.

Nick then covered mergers and acquisitions within the pharmaceutical and healthcare sector across Europe at Mergermarket Group, serving a readership of fund managers and investment bankers.

In addition to writing about new tech entrepreneurs and the start-up scene, Nick has been involved with Globalcom Publications’ media technology magazine and website. He has also lectured on media matters.

Aside from the more conventional news reporting and feature writing work, Nick previously worked as an editorial assistant at Prospect magazine, commissioning blogs and features for the publication’s website.

Services offered

  • In-depth coverage of UK healthcare issues
  • Pharmaceutical industry news reporting
  • Finance, policy and general news coverage
  • Specialist UK coverage for international publications
  • Custom (contract) publishing
  • Commissioned subjects (conference booklets, inflight magazines, etc.)
  • Research, writing of consultancy reports
  • Reviews of books, conference and events
  • Book, magazine editing

If you would like to discuss how I could help you, or if you would like to commission me, then please get in touch.