Giving South Korean students an insight into UK media

A few moons ago, while visiting the South Korean city of Daejeon, I was roped into giving a talk to some undergraduate media students about the various quirks and idiosyncrasies of journalism in the UK. 

While I didn’t have a tightly structured soliloquy prepared on the specific cultural attributes of our press, I thought it worth walking the audience through my own career history and using that as a springboard to discuss issues of particular interest.

It always interests me to hear about how the UK media is perceived by international observers so this was quite an insight for me.

As somebody who began their journalism career in specialist business-to-business titles I was keen to stress the various, and sometimes exotic, ways people can forge a career for themselves.

Anyway – I hope you enjoy this pic of me doing my best teacher impression. I’ve got the jacket and everything.

Nick lecture.jpg
Nick lecturing.JPG