Nick Renaud-Komiya
Freelance journalist & editor


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I’m a features writer, news reporter, and editor with eight years’ experience in print and online media.

I’ve worked as a journalist at the deep end of covering a variety of specialist areas: Health policy and the public sector, equity capital markets, and latterly financial services and consumer issues.

My freelance reporting has been published in national and regional newspapers, among them The Sunday Times, The Independent, The i Paper, The Belfast Telegraph, and The Manchester Evening News.

Meanwhile, my feature writing has been in specialist publications including The BMJ, the British Journal of Healthcare Computing, Construction News, Digital Health, HIMSS Insights and The Times Higher Education.

In addition to writing commissioned features, I regularly work as a writer and editor for the leading consumer finance website

I have a particular interest in healthcare and financial issues, but if you google me you’ll find that I’ve also written on issues as eclectic as organic food marketing and piranha fish.

Since going freelance full-time in April 2017 I’ve also helped a diverse mix of commercial clients to get their message across with clear, sharp copy to tight deadlines.

I was previously a mergers and acquisitions reporter covering healthcare and pharmaceutical companies at Dealreporter, a risk arbitrage newswire service published by Acuris Group (formerly Mergermarket Group)

Before that I was a senior reporter at Health Service Journal, the leading publication covering the NHS in England.

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What I do



As a journalist I enjoy delving deep into complex issues to find interesting stories to tell. My primary areas of interest are UK health policy, the public sector and personal finance issues. 
Here’s what I do:

  • News reporting - I regularly report on complex issues for a mixture of audiences, either working reporting shifts or identifying and writing stories independently. I have extensive experience in covering on-diary and off-diary news as well as sourcing agenda-setting exclusives and conducting investigations.

  • Feature writing - Stories worth telling for both general and specialist readers. I take on an eclectic mix of commissioned subjects.

  • Content editing - Clean and rapid text editing - both in print and online. I’ve helped major financial and marketing clients quickly turnaround copy for online publication.

  • Event coverage & parliamentary monitoring - I regularly work with parliamentary monitoring organisations like DeHavilland and specialist newswire services to produce concise accounts of conferences and parliamentary select committee meetings.

  • Contract publishing projects - Looking for well-researched, elegantly written articles for customer or membership media? I’ve worked with clients like Chubb Insurance and the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) to provide their membership and client magazines with incisive, actionable content.


  • Specialist copywriting for content marketing - I‘ve written white papers, case studies, and marketing collateral, primarily for business-to-business clients in the healthcare, health tech and pharmaceutical sectors. Clients include Samsung Business UK and software vendors Cerner, Civica, Orion Health and Allocate Software.

  • Producing bespoke copy for commercial websites - I’m often approached to produce bespoke content for commercial websites from a range of large companies.

Current and previous clients include:

  • Newspapers (national & regional)
    The Sunday Times, The Independent,  The i paper, The Irish Independent, The Belfast Telegraph, The Manchester Evening News, Press Association, The Korea Times (English language publication based in Seoul, SK).

  • Magazines
    The BMJ, Construction News, Health Service Journal, Local Government Chronicle, Nursing Times, Prospect Magazine, Times Higher Education, Campaign, Insights (the magazine of HIMSS Europe - healthcare IT professional body).

  • Specialist online media and newswire services, Mergermarket, Dealreporter, The Economist Intelligence Unit,, British Journal of Healthcare Computing, DeHavilland (Political monitoring), Tech City News (now renamed UKTN), C21 Media, Organic & Wellness News, BioPharm Insight.

  • Copywriting & content marketing
    Samsung Business UK, Cerner UK, Orion Health, Civica, Allocate Software, Chubb Insurance, Highland Marketing, Wardour Communications.